Sunday, September 12, 2010

A 21st, mums, dads, girls what a mixture!!!!

What a mixture of cards I have made lately. We have had a cousins 21st (long time since I have had to attend one of those lol), fathers day, MIL's birthday and of course the mandatory obligatory girls birthday parties to attend. The variety has been great however it sure feels as if I am chasing my tail these days. I can happily report that I have received a big box from Stampin Up filled with lots of new goodies. If you would like to have a look at these awesome new products give me a call.

This card and bag was for Liesje's 21st birthday. (I believe its called a marquee card?) Lots of fun to make and super easy. I found the instructions on splitcoast.

This was made for Paige's soccer coach. Skiv was amazing for the kids and extremely patient as they were only 5 and 6 year olds playing for the first time.

My MIL will be in Zambia for her birthday (the in laws are missionaries) so she got to open this early. Of course the bag was filled with choccies and a small amount of bling.

And this was for Father's Day. My Dad is FAB and has always been there for me and even though I moved to a land far far away (sounds like Shrek huh!) he is still a constant support and being a parent myself now I can appreciate what sacrifices he has made even more. He is now Grandad to 6 gorgeous grandkids and is even more giving to them. An amazing man and I love him heaps (see you soon Dad, can't wait till new years!!!).

And as you already know if you have seen my blog before, a ton of projects I do are for girl birthday parties. Kyra recently had two very close together so they got the same thing to save me a bit of time just in a different colour combo.

Thank you so much for looking and hope you have a fabulous week. Blessings LOl T

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  1. These are all way too cute tamara, just gorgeous TFS