Thursday, August 26, 2010

IFG - Northpoint Baptist

I am priviledged to be a part of a program entitled IFG (see below). It is a breakoff from the Girls' Brigade Program which has run forever and involves loads of adventure, activities, or as we like to put it blood muck and adventure for 8-13 year old girls. We have so much fun together and it is very exciting that we have 48 girls attending. Units are being set up around the country as I speak and the leaders are all very passionate about the program and the ministry.

So where I am I going with all this...... Well we are planning to attend a camp with the other units in October 2010 and the last few weeks have planned craft activities for the girls to complete so they can have a big sale and hopefully raise money to get them to camp and earn their entrepreneurs badge. We have painted canvases, potted plants, sewed aprons, made bath bombs, made filled jars, made jams etc etc. and last week the girls made cards (ahhh so thats where it is going). So below is the cards they made to sell in a pack of six.

Wish us luck and if you are around New Plymouth see you tonight at 6pm at Northpoint Baptist.

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  1. your blog is looking amazing tamara, i love coming by to have a look.