Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OOps sorry missed some

Fancy missing the cards out that your OWN daughters made! What kind of mum am I?? A very proud one. On Sunday my girls (Kyra 7yrs, Paige 5yrs and Anika 4yrs) sat down to make some birthday cards for their mum. All I did was cut cardstock for them and they did the rest. They were so excited to be able to use "mummy's" stuff and they were all very careful and planned them down to the last detail. Fab cards and we had a great time. Must try and do this more often, they amazed me with their creativity. Ahh girls after my own heart.

Hopefully I will have some more to show you that I have actually made but for now I need to go and pack as one of my presents was a 2 night stay BY MYSELF in a batch by the beach. Can't wait I'm off in the morning.
Thanks for looking LOL Tamara

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