Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nearly a Month!!

Crikey its amazing that nearly a whole month has passed me by without consciously noting it. Amazing. I have soooo much to share and will try to do so over the next week or so.

I will start by sharing all the awesome cards that I received (for my birthday) from some very talented and special people that I am blessed to know. Thank you all sooo much. I feel very spoilt! I very much appreicate you all! (Yep even you bro!)

These two gorgeous cards were made by my (I think they are very talented) daughters. Paige is 6 and Anika is 5 and they made them with their Dad while I was away with Kyra on an IFG camp a few days before my birthday.

This lovely creation is from my mum. I love it mum fab job!!!

From Alayne

This card blew me away. Cherie you always manage to suprise and fully inspire me. Thank you so much. I have shown 3 different views so you can all see how very cool and detailled this card is.

From Jo another fab creation thanks.

From Tania. Just gorgeous, thanks.

From Wendy. You go girl! Very girly (very Tamara) Thanks heaps

And this one! I was dared to put this on my blog and once dared you just HAVE to follow through. This once I received from my darling nieces and my brother from Perth WA. In his words "this must be the tackiest card ever" and "obviously I missed out on the card making creative genes". This had me in fits of laughter. I have shared it with all my friends and now because he dared me too I have to share it all with you too. LOL

And yeh Nath you are right, definately tacky but very you in the fun stakes. Thanks heaps. I win the dare! Chocolate or salted licorice will cover your debt!
Thanks for looking LOL Tamara

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